Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Back to the Future lesson

Hey there blog readers,

I've just finished watching Back to the Future (again). When people think of this movie, they usually think of time travel and crazy scientists and stuff. But when I watched it again, I realized that this movie teaches you an important lesson in life.

It taught me that no matter how smart you are, or how talented you are, you won't get anywhere in life if you're not confident.

The character of Marty McFly is someone that hates being called a coward. This is because his father is always intimidated by the bully. Marty's dad is a coward who holds his head down and flinches in fear at the slightest thing. He just sits there and takes the abuse that the world dishes out at him. He's not confident at all.

As a result, their house and life and etc... are just pieces of cow manure.

However, when Marty goes back in time and inadvertently gives his father more self-confidence, he then returns to the future, only to discover his father lives in a nicer house, with a richer life, and he just published a novel (plus the once scary bully is now waxing his car).

This goes to show you that you need confidence to succeed in life. I don't care if you are intelligent or if you have some special talent. If you don't have an ounce of confidence, people are going to walk all over you. You'll just be that cubicle guy who has coworkers making you crunch their numbers so that they can go home and relax, while you stress over paperwork with the janitor pushing a mop around late at night.

So be confident. Don't think about how you might not make it, or how your work might get rejected, or how you'll fail. You've got to believe that the novel/song/invention that you've created will become something big someday. Put your mind to it and make it happen.

Be Confident!


  1. Good life lesson.

    I prefer the second Back to the Future to the first one.

  2. "If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything." Wise words from Doc that I try to follow everyday.

    Now if I can just put my mind into buying a DeLorean...

  3. You are a deep thinker! I would have just watched it for entertainment purposes.
    A little confindence goes a long way. Much farther than we could ever imagine. That is my goal for the day... Confidence!
    It would be pretty cool to travel in time especially in a cool car!


  4. Great movie and I really liked the way to equated the movie to writing. I'm trying to make some tough decisions in my writing career right now and I'm trying to figure out where I go from here. I really liked this post.


  5. I love this movie! One of my favorite scenes is when Marty appears as a spaceman to his dad and orders him to get some spine and ask the girl out! I enjoyed your analysis. Nice Job. I'm stopping by from the Hop!

  6. True that!

    I just found you on a book blog hop. Gotta say, your blog is everything I intended my blog to be. But alas I have fallen into the book junkie blog pile now. I couldn't help it that are just so addictive!

    I am now following you, will become a fan on facebook too :)


  7. Happy HOP! I have to say I LOVE that you keep a track list of what your writing. I bet it helps you keep focused. Maybe I should do something similar becauseI tend to get a little distracted. Hope you have a great weekend and good luck with your writing.

    Come HOP by my blog and visit

  8. Hi!

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  9. Joining you from the hop. I must say I have never really thought about this film in this way but now that you mention it. Nice to have met you, I've enjoyed my visit.

  10. A good life lesson ... something I really need to remind myself with from time to time.

  11. I needed this so thank you! Confidence is key, as the saying goes.

    Back to the Future = <3