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Lycan Island

Synopsis: When a survival contest is announced with 2 million dollars at stake, Jake Kryner jumps at the opportunity. Now him and 29 other contestants would have to face each other and the dangers of the island, all for the chance to win the prize. Along the way, Jake makes some friends and faces some enemies. But that is not their only challenge. Something is stalking them from the shadows. A creature soaked in the myths and legends, now come to life. What is this creature? And what is the secret of the contest and the island? Jake and his friends would have to solve the mystery if they are to survive. (plot may change over time)


No Reflection

*I plan to publish this one as an ebook on Amazon

Synopsis: A collection of 7 horror short stories and 1 poem.

No Reflection - a guy encounters a mirror that can show him his future. But why won't it show his reflection?

Delusional - a psych patient is the only one that can protect the world, but the psychiatrist won't allow it.

The Magician's Assistant - An assistant plans out her revenge when she finds out the magician she loves had betrayed her.

Water Ghost (tentative title) - a man inherits a haunted house by the lake.

Sandwich (tentative title) - a boy must now face his two biggest fears: the darkness and his stepfather.

Campfire (tentative title) - a girl arrives to tell a scary story around a campfire. The story is starting to sound real...

Imagination (tentative title) - When a family restaurant business is about to go bankrupt, a boy tries to do everything he can to help his poor family.

Closet (tentative title) - a poem about the thing in your closet.

*tentative title - it means that I haven't thought of the right title for this story yet.

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