Friday, April 16, 2010

Plan: Write My Novel

Okay, thanks to this blog, I'm able to put my thoughts down and plan out how I'm going to write my novel.

Here is my plan:

(*at this point, I've already outlined my ideas for a novel, so all I need to do now is plan out how to write it).

1) Write a rough draft. At this point, I should already know enough to try writing a novel of my own. I should just stop wasting time reading books and articles on how to improve my writing (let's face it, I was just reading those articles as an excuse for procrastinating). So, I'm going to write a novel straight through without stopping. I'm not going to do anything to edit it yet, or try to fix any mistakes I make. I'm just going to write, and write, and write... until I finish.

2) Building my platform. While I'm writing my novel, I'm going to blog as well. That's because posting on my blog, and doing various other things, can help build my platform. Building a platform takes time, and I've got to start now if I want to get a large enough platform of people to support me when I send out my novel to an agent and a publisher (which can increase my chances of getting published).

3) Research agents, writing tips, etc... Once I finish writing my novel, I'm going to hide it somewhere for a minimum of 6 to 8 weeks. This way, after those weeks are up, I can look at my novel again with fresh eyes (which will help me edit it better when I look at it again). Anyway, during those 6 to 8 weeks, I'm going to research writing tips/techniques that I can learn to improve my novel when I'm editing it. Also, I'm going to look for agents that fit my novel's genre and style, so I can submit it to the agent when I'm done.

4) Edit my novel. Once those 6 to 8 weeks are up, and I've done all my research, I'm going to look over my novel again. I'm going to use all I know and edit, edit, edit. I will fix every mistake, make sure the plot is consistent, and make the characters come to life. I'm also going to get rid of the adverbs. Everything is going to be done to improve my novel.

5) Sending it off... After editing my novel, I will send it off to the agent that I chose. I will submit my novel with a proper query letter and also mention that I already have a platform of people that already wants to read my novel. If the agent accepts my novel, I will work with my agent to further improve on my novel until it shines like a diamond. Once the novel is finished, my agent will send it off to various publishers and hope for the best.

So that is my plan to work on my novel. I'm hoping that this plan will only take a year to complete. And as I work on my plan, I will mention every step I take on my blog, so all of you can support me. Please wish me luck.

Thank you everyone who reads my blog!

PS: I'm going to try not to procrastinate.

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