Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My Horcruxes

If you've read Harry Potter, you'll know that a horcrux is something you put a part of your soul into so that you can never completely die. He who must not be named managed to split his soul and put it into 7 things.

So I'm going to ask you. If you could pick any 7 things in the entire world to make your own horcruxes, what would they be? Mine would be:

1) My laptop

2) One of my Harry Potter books

3) My black/yellow spider hat

4) My left shoe

5) My Ipod

6) Starry Night painting by Van Gogh (because it's surrounded by security, making it hard for my enemies to get their hands on it).

7) A copy of my novel (if I ever get it published)

What would your 7 horcruxes be?


  1. Hi John, love your blog! If I tell you my horcruxes they'll no longer be secret! Love yours, though!

    ~that rebel, Olivia

  2. I can't resist a HP reference! Found you through the blog hop, nice to meet you!
    My horcruxes...
    My cat (he's fat, but vicious)
    My Thumb Drive (it's never far from my sight)
    My step-dad's car that he's been restoring for years and years
    One of my HP books (Probably Goblet of Fire)
    A Nora Roberts book (Probably Angels Falls)
    And a five pound bag of sugar that's been acting as a door stop in my grandma's house for 20 years.

  3. I'm rereading Harry Potter, and (coincidentally) just finished the chapter on Horcruxes. That's when I realized what all the book had led up to and where the series was going. And I realized the extent of J.K. Rowling's genius.

    I refuse to answer this question on the grounds that I would never divide my soul because I'm on the side of good. But if someone were to be just like me, except she was a deatheater, she would probably put her items in her:

    old purple eMAC
    cat *then she would obey more)
    engagement ring
    grandmother's clock necklace
    gray teddy bear
    favorite handbag

  4. Hi John,

    Thanks for following my blog!

    I actually wouldn't want to make anything too personal a Horcrux; it would make it too easy for my enemies to figure out what they are. I'd also use items that lasted a very long time. Here's what I came up with:

    The Statue of Liberty
    The Great Wall of China
    a redwood tree
    the Coliseum in Rome
    an immortal cancer cell line
    an Egyptian pyramid

  5. Thanks for coming by and following my blog! I'm following yours now too. I'd have to think about the horcrux thing. I like everyone's answers, though. Best of luck with your novel.

  6. Hi John -

    Thanks for following the blog! I just started following yours. You should check out the writing forum I started. It's a horror writing forum, with a load of talented writers on it. The link is over there to the right. There's a flash fiction writing contest if you'd be interested. We'll have a lot of different stuff going on. You should check it out! I have a lot of open submissions posted from a load of publishing companies, too. If you have any questions, just let me know.

    - Matt

  7. Hi, John, Thanks for following my blog and introducing me to yours. I like what I see so far. As for Horcruxes...I haven't written 7 books yet, but I plan to write many more than that. And I literally put a piece of my soul into each one. As long as those books continue to exist, I live in some way. ;-)

  8. Hi, John...I'm totally curious about you...I'm thinking I might know you. Are you a linguist by trade?
    My seven things:
    -My laptop
    -Grandmother's cross
    -Other Grandmother's ring
    -my hf pb ms and research (that only counts as one right?_
    -My Flo Rida CD
    -My Christmas Vacation DVD
    -The Set of Winston Churchill's Books on WWII

    Obviously, I don't write fantasy....but I'm curious enough about you that I'll be back...(Laughs deeply)

  9. Hi John--thanks for following my blog. Glad to be cyberstalking you now too!

    And I love this idea, but sadly my brain is too frazzled from sending like 350 emails today (planning an online writer's conference is a LOT of work) so I'm drawing a blank. Maybe tomorrow I'll think of something better! :)

  10. John! OMG, you WON my heart with this Harry Potter question. YOU TOTALLY WON IT.

    My Horcruxes would be

    1. My laptop.
    2. My library card (mwhahaha, nobody will suspect)(I will give it to a friend)(oh, actually...)
    3. My BFFL (I am certain she will volunteer for this)(most certain).
    4. My Twitter account (um, then we shall have free reign of the INTERWEBS).
    5. Yea, my iPod.
    6. The BT Speaking Clock (because then I could say weird things every now and then)(and also make people EARLY for stuff).
    7. Um, a bookmark (totally innocent seeming, and then a part of me is always near a book).

    Hehe, that was fun! Anyhoodles, thanks for the follow and consider it completely returned as of NOW. Oh wait... *clicks* NOW.

  11. i can't tell you the answer to that, because then you'd find all my horcruxes and destroy them.

    i'm sure you understand.

  12. Hi John, Thanks for following my blog..

    Love your horocrux reference ;) especially the guessing / finding out part of what they could be - immaterial of whether they are mine or others'...

  13. This is pretty rad. Made a follower out of me and I'm a total snob.

    (1) My engagement ring
    (2) My 100+ year old edition of Little Women
    (3) My Star Trek Coffee Mug
    (4) My signed by Stan Lee copy of Amazing Spider-Man #41
    (5) My 'Red Clay Ramblers' Record
    (6) My hand-carved wooden brontosaurus
    (7) My 13 year old Doc Martens. They still fit!

  14. Just found you through the Hop, and this post immediately caught my eye - probably because I'm a Potter nerd. I can't say I've thought about what I'd make as my own horcruxes, but I'll definitely be mulling it over now.

    Also, I'm very happy to know that someone else has watched "Little White Lie" on YouTube, too. :]

  15. LOL! John, I know men hate to hear this, but hey, what can I say? Okay, ahem, here it goes: you're so cute!!
    Whew. There. I said it. :P

    My horcruxes are my scriptures, each and every one of my kids (4), my husband, my laptop, my blog, my writing buddies all pieced out by my own soul and not by the murder of others. ;)

    Thanks for this wonderfully creative and fun post!!!

    I hope to see more of ya often! ;0)

  16. Hey John - This is fun. If I wanted to hide my soul so I could come back later . . . hmmmm. My 7 would be
    1) The Hunger Games (they would keep that)
    2) Wedding ring
    3) 1st printed book of Distorted (my book)
    4) wood-carved black swan
    5) A south of france painting
    6) one of my fav black shoes
    7) my journal from when I was 8
    Thanks for following me.

  17. I can't resist a Harry Potter post...


    1)Audrey Hepburn Painting
    2)Personalized Gold Necklace
    3)One of my HP Books
    4)Flat Screen TV
    5)Michael Kors Heels
    6)Grade 8 Autobiography
    7)Letter Grandfather wrote me when I was 7

    that was fun,hehe

  18. Hmmm, beyond my books,music cds and dvds ... can't think of anything else. LOL.

  19. Hey! Popped by as promised! Great blog! My 7 horcruxes would probably be:

    1. The name tag on my pet chihuahua's collar, so I can still take him on walkies...or rather he takes me on walkies...
    2. My girlie pink laptop
    3. My iPod, in case I'm ever in the mood for music
    4. My fiance's necklace tag, so I'm always close to his heart (*aaww*)
    5. The TV, so said pre-hubby will always be looking at me!
    6. My trusty wok in case the soul gets hungry for a fry-up
    7. My nunchucks

  20. Oh the great ideas you find hopping around on blogs. I love this idea! But really, the laptop - that's just too obvious. You're a writer! But a copy of your novel - now that's a good one, if (hopefully) there would many, many, many of these. Liked the painting idea too.