Saturday, August 28, 2010

Youtube Channel !!!

Hey blog readers,

I have recently been watching book trailers. If I publish my novel, I plan to make my own book trailer (once I learn how), and it'll be awesome. But I'm going to need a site to host my book trailer (someday...) and what better place than Youtube. So I decided to create a youtube channel.

Here it is: thelazywriter youtube channel.

* The channel names for "John Smith" and "Bow ties are cool" have already been taken. If you're not a Doctor Who fan, then you probably don't understand what I just said.

I hope that you enjoy my channel, and please SUBSCRIBE.

John Smith

P.S. -- When I read The Hunger Games trilogy, I think that I'm going to review it on video.


  1. Cool! What are you going to have on your channel prior to your book trailer?

  2. I will check it out!

    Have you seen my book trailer on my youtube channel?
    It's here:

    Also, tomorrow is the start of my series on how to make a book trailer using Windows Movie Maker.

    Clarissa Draper from Listen To The Voices

  3. Danielle: I'm probably going to just put random stuff. Maybe some book reviews, some videos of my hamster, me going to NYC, etc...

    Clarissa: Yay! I can't wait for your tutorials!

  4. My book trailer is on YouTube - search for CassaStar. Fortunately I did not have to make it!

  5. Very impressive, Alex!
    I want to make my own trailer because it seems fun to do, even though it'll probably take a lot of work.

    CassaStar book trailer:

    If anyone wants to watch it.

  6. That is so cool! I didn't know you could get your own channel....

  7. OMG! Does this mean I now have to learn YouTube as well? I'm still learning blogger. :)

    I'll check it out. I hope you share this learning experience. :D
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  8. You don't need to learn Youtube. I only created a Youtube channel so that I can post videos. Maybe I can also make short films (when I learn how).

    Plus it's a great way to build up your author's platform.

  9. I've never heard of Youtube's channel for stuff!

    I'll have to go and check it out. Good idea for grabbing your channel now.

    Edge of Your Seat Romance

  10. Alot of writers have Youtube channels...

    -Kaleb Nation
    -John Green
    -Maggie Stiefvater
    -Maureen Johnson
    -Robyn Schneider
    -Emma Michaels

    It's a great way to connect with your fans, face to face... sort of